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Next Level Events With Veertly brings the latest insights from the online event industry for those who want to level up with their virtual or hybrid events. We interview experts worldwide and share their vision on how to create better and more engaging virtual or hybrid events. 


In this episode, we have a chat with Sandro Santini, a product manager at We chat about what it is actually like to work at a start-up compared to a larger-sized company and how you can best prepare yourself to land a job at a start-up. 

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Sandro Santini is a product manager at and an entrepreneur in residence at He is passionate about entrepreneurship, start-ups, and start-up jobs. He is currently studying Business administration and management and is completing his exchange semester in Belgium.   

Connect with Sandro on LinkedIn here  |  Visit website here 


SANDRO THE VEERTLY SHOW 2“ Three things I learnt by working in a start-up:

  1. Don't be afraid to make mistakes
  2. Marketing is super important
  3. Trust the process. Keep going "

I actually did a post about my learnings a few weeks ago as it was my anniversary with The first thing I would say is, speed is almost always more important and it's ok to make wrong decisions. You learn from the experience.
So don't be afraid to make mistakes and fail.

Another learning is that marketing is super important. You can be improving your product all weeks long, but if no one knows about it, it is then not useful to you. And yes, trust the process. Keep going.


_SANDRO THE VEERTLY SHOW 2 quote 2“To be able to work in a start-up you should prepare yourself to receive a lot of responsibilities from day one, have excellent self-management skills, be a great communicator online and have an affinity for technology” 

Working at a start-up you will have to have a lot of self-discipline. You will have to know how to work on your own. And this is really a useful skill because usually in a start-up there is a lot going on. You will also need to have a certain affinity for technology, which is also quite common in a lot of startups and can be useful, especially if you work remotely. Plus, you need to be able to communicate well online. 

Be prepared to receive a lot of responsibility. When you work in a startup, it's very likely that you will be the owner of certain parts and tasks. Working in a start-up is a great opportunity because it allows you to grow both personally and professionally.



“Hiring managers at start-ups hire for attitude and skills. To them, a paper saying where you went to the university is not as important. What is important is the attitude and the passion for the product from potential employees” 

There's a saying, which is: "hire for attitude and train for skills". So I would say in a startup people hire more for that kind of attitude. So it's not as important as the paper, which university you went to, but your attitude matters a lot. It's about your motivation and the passion that you can bring to the startup or the project.








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